Why Cloudflare Is a Game Changer

“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill.

Of course the market fluctuates. I just got fluctuated out of four thousand bucks!” — Jerry Seinfeld.

“My take on the matter is that NET stock now is too overvalued; a dip would not make it a bargain. Some investors may focus on technical analysis and argue that Cloudflare shows strong momentum. This is true, but the stock is also at extreme levels based on technical analysis indicators such as the popular RSI(14) indicator, which sits at 74.68. Anything above a 70 is considered overbought.”

I really dislike the term “edge.” Everyone uses it, including hardware companies like Cisco and IoT firms. Becomes meaningless. What we are is a network. Increasingly hauling packets across our own backbone end-to-end. Certainly not just “the edge.”

Cloudflare co-founders Michelle Zatlyn, Lee Halloway, and Matthew Prince
Source: GlobalDots.com



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