I retired from the software industry back in 2016 after a very successful 35 year career. Almost all of the content you see here (as well as the content on my older blog site) was written since then as I've finally had the time to sit and write down some of my thoughts.

The topics range from life lessons to career advice to computer science to philosophy to religion to books to music to psychology to education to (attempts at) humor to autobiography to (not one but two!) eulogies for my cat and everything in between. As my daughter once said, "Who knew you had so much to say?"

Some of the posts (especially older ones and ones on politics) are obviously naive in hindsight but I haven't removed them. I can only hope that I don't embarass myself as I share these musings on "life, the universe, and everything." I welcome any and all feedback as long as it's constructive in nature.

Finally, I’ve deleted all my social media accounts and now depend exclusively on the kindness of strangers to get the word out about my posts; please share on social media if you like them. I know that's an ironic request given that some of my posts are anti-social-media but unfortunately, in this day and age, we've all become dependent on social media and I have no hope of reaching an audience without asking for such a favor. Thank you.

Ben Fathi

Former {CTO at VMware, VP at Microsoft, SVP at Cisco, Head of Eng & Cloud Ops at Cloudflare}. Recovering distance runner, avid cyclist, newly minted grandpa.