It’s time to move our elections online

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As we live through one of the most historic elections in US history, I can’t help but return to a theme that has occupied me recently, namely that we are trying to keep this 250-year-old “house” up on its creaky stilts and we insist on doing so using not just rules created in a different era but also processes and tools designed back when it took a month to send a message cross-country.

If the elections have proven anything, it’s that our electoral system is showing its age. I’m not talking about controversial issues like the electoral college and gerrymandering but rather just the mechanics of voting itself. The fact that we’re still arguing, a month after the election, whether or not there was any fraud and filing lawsuits to overturn the results proves that we need a better solution. …


Ben Fathi

Former CTO of VMware, former VP at Microsoft, recovering long distance runner, avid cyclist, newly minted grandpa.

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